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The Joglr system

Joglr bike mount system is a unique concept that provides safe and comfortable transportation. It also creates a new payload space that is bigger and more agile than any other known system – without the traditional rack, which restricts the payload capacity on ordinary bikes.


A patent application has been officially published internationally (PCT) for the Joglr mount system.

How it works

A mount at the hub ensures a low center of gravity, which is essential for comfortable and safe cycling 

The bag mount is designed to fit firmly on the bike mount, making fastening and unfastening easy, and keeping the bag securely in place during transportation 

The bag is stabilized by the saddle hook device, which both tightens the bag into position and locks the bag to the bike – all in one easy motion. 

Overcoming daily pains

The need for volume transport prevents green agile behavior 

Shoulder bags and backpacks cause sweat patches 

A bike rack doesn’t provide safe transport of heavy payloads 

Theft from bike baskets; usually while waiting at a red light 

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